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The Colorado/Florida And Yale/Auburn Endings Happening At The Same Time Was The Mayhem That We Desperately Needed In This NCAA Tournament

Look, it doesn't matter what happened in this game because all that mattered was the last minute. We needed a game like that. We haven't had it yet. The refs robbed us of the scramble in the Samford game with one of the worst calls we've ever seen. Yep, only game I can think of. But we finally got it. 

It started with this shot by Walter Clayton. 


Tad, the hell you doing? FOUL UP THREE. Florida had 97 goddamn points. Did you really think they were going to miss? Florida had a ridiculous comeback by you guys turning it over and a collapse basically. Was it because you knew you'd score? That had to be it right? Only reason, because we got this: 

ONIONS! Hell yes. We needed it. I said it before, we needed this going on along with the Auburn/Yale game. Sure we've had some moments. But we've missed the moment. We've missed the game-winner. We finally got it. This is what March is all about. 

Meanwhile, this happened: 

Just absolute madness. Bricking free throws, chances for a layup and then a shot with 0% chance of going in, a KD Johnson game-winner. That dude was never going to make the shot. Collapse by Auburn, almost a collapse by Yale. That was all over the damn place. Makes this a little more awkward: 


Ridiculous all the way around. Oh and you think I give a shit about the SEC? I hope every SEC school loses. No one is cheering for a conference except Greg Sankey.