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The NFL Tried To Newsdump They Won't Overturn The Tush Push/Brotherly Shove During March Madness

Thomas E Briglia. Shutterstock Images.

It was Thursday, the first day of March Madness. The country was locked in on college basketball. Jack Gohlke was about to put on a show hitting 10 3-pointers in Oakland's upset of Kentucky. Everyone is looking over here and the NFL tries to sneak this one by us.


So I guess the NFL is just ok with this play? This is a starting QB in the Super Bowl getting concussed and knocked out for a few weeks on this reckless play.

This is not football. This is rugby. I'm ok with pushing other players forward, but inside the tackle box where players cannot protect themselves is hazardous. And this isn't about the Buccaneers. They have figured out the Brotherly Shove.

This is about player safety. Something I care deeply about. Nothing more, nothing less. I want to be watching the NFL for a long time. Banning this play would've been a step towards making that possible. But now we're stuck with this ugly play that dominates short yardage.

And what I find odd about this, is Troy Vincent is commenting on it. Is there not a conflict of interest there? Vincent, while of course in the NFL front office and a potential candidate to take over for Roger Goodell played for the Eagles for eight years.


It's the off-season, but congrats on the Eagles for their first win of the new year.