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If The NCAA Wants To Be Taken Seriously, There Needs To Be A Full Investigation Into Jack Gohlke

I've done my research as a blogger, meaning I've looked at the video 3-4 times or so. I've come to the conclusion that if the NCAA wants to be taken seriously there needs to be a full investigation into this guy. Forget the fact he looks like a 34-year old history teacher who moonlights as the JV head coach. He can't keep getting away with this. He can't make that many threes in one game and then come around the next day and make a full court shot. Something isn't adding up. I don't care if he is known for being a shooter. I don't care if he went the entire season only shooting 9 twos. He's not Max Hooper! 

You may say I'm trying to cope here. I'm not going to confirm or deny that. I'm just a man who wants the NCAA to be taken seriously. I'm simply a man who wants everyone to be playing on the same field. Can't have any sort of cheating. I won't stand for it. I'm a man of honor damnit! 

This guy somehow turned into Steph Curry. I'm not even talking about shooting a ton. He won't miss. He was throwing shit right in my face last night and he hasn't stopped. It's time for the NCAA to step in here. Do they not care about ratings? Do they not care about happiness for an entire state? People think Oakland is in California for crying out loud. Make it right!