Pick One: Would You Rather Have $10,000 Cash Or Your Team Make The Final 4?

It's that time of year. The Bracket Busters challenge is back thanks to Dave & Busters, and I have a dilemma with my team because of course they're moving on against Illinois as outlined over this delicious plate of eggs benedict.


If anyone is smart enough on the gambling side, please advise. 

TLDW: Duquesne plays Illinois tomorrow for the Sweet 16. Obviously I'm a looney bin Illinois fan as would anyone who bled for their athletic program on the field of competition. 

Problem is Duquesne could win me a piece of $40,000 from Dave and Busters with Wonton Don and Chef Donny. We're together on the annual Bracket Busters challenge and Wonton Don was sharp enough to grab Duquesne early.

Naturally I hated the pick. Last thing I needed was a moral crossroads in the 2nd round. Sweet 16? Much different story. Still shitty but that would've been better. 

Nope. We got $40k on one side, my alma mater on the other. A quick family discussion at dinner last night lasted exactly that. Quick. Mrs. Carl (Illinois class of 2010) is waiting for the Duquesne hoodie to arrive. I told her I'd wipe my ass with it should I get the Amazon box first. The house immediately became divided: nothing and I mean nothing is pulling me away from Illinois. 

Maybe $400,000?

6 bitcoin is unreasonable but a fair starting point because it all comes back to risk arbitrage: 

1. How much money would you bet on Illinois at -550 knowing that a Duquesne upset brings you 2 rounds away from $40,000 cash? 

2. How much of the potential prize would you be willing to sacrifice to gain now and in the sweet 16? 

3. Would you cheer for your Alma Mater or the Money? 

Surprisingly balanced results which actually makes me a little angry. I was hoping for much more GO ILLINI YOU MORON but we're a wounded fanbase. I think a lot of us would be susceptible to the cash like my old lady. 


For now I am taking the high road. Should Duquesne make a miraculous run and I win substantial prize money, then I'll probably have to do something with it immediately. Likely give it away. Maybe update the garage electric first. Definitely get some new doorknobs on the pantry and hallway closets. There's small upgrades around the house but nothing worth all that blood money. 

Which brings me to my final question. 

How much money would you need for your team to not go to the final 4? Like assume the team would go to the final 4 but you push a button and they actually lose. You get paid to push that button and nobody knows about it. 

How much money would it take to get you to push that button? 

I'd probably do it for $45,000. I don't know. Never had that kind of power but I'm interested in your take on the matter. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to Dave and Busters for some cantina nachos and cold ones. I could use some time and vibes to sort all this out.