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One of the Last Perfect Brackets in America Belongs to Bijan Robinson

Every year, we find the one person on social media who makes it late into Friday or maybe through the first two days of the NCAA Tournament with a perfect bracket. It's usually a girl who picked games based on the attractiveness of coaches or a baby who grabbed pictures at random.This year, however, that guy is somehow Bijan Robinson.

As of 3:00 ET, Robinson has nailed the first 17 games of the Tournament and has San Diego State and 15-seed Western Kentucky, both of whom are up in the second half. If WKU pulls this out, I will be tailing every one of Bijan's picks for the rest of the day at minimum. This guy is somehow the best running back in the NFL and the best college hoops capper in the country. Must be nice.

And while I know Bijan picked Texas to win the national title because it's his alma mater, he's absolutely going to be 32-0 going into tomorrow with Texas taking on Tennessee. I really need him to catch a loss before we get to Saturday night.