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Pray For Will Compton

It has not been the best week for Will Compton. 

First, Bussin misses the Bracket Busters selection stream and they get reemed out by Dave....

....they also got assigned the 16-seed Stetson because of this, who are playing against UCONN....

….and now, worst of all, he has to deal with the Texas A&M cult yell leader version of Robbie Fox - and I'm all in.

Giphy Images.

I already bet the Aggies ML on DraftKings, I'm learning every farmer chant, I'm getting a milkman suit tailored as we speak, and I've got my big ol' gaudy class ring on pre-order. Plus I heard I've gotta grab my nuts and squeeze em any time we're down points so I could experience the pain of my Aggie teammates alongside them, which sounds absolutely psychotic completely normal to me! Live with the team, die with the team. If my nuts have to be a stress ball for the next few hours, so be it! It's for the greater good of the cult team. This 40k could be life changing money if we go all the way.

Again - I wish it didn't have to come to this, I really do….but I promised to ride with whatever pick my Bracket Busters teammates (Big Ev/JackMac) wanted to make, and it just shakes out that we're up against Will's Cornhuskers. It's nothing personal - only business. Hopefully after the Aggies beat Nebraska (noted volleyball school) by 50 we can be friends again. 

P.S. Okay fine. This is a good one….

Aggies tip off at 6:50pm ET - see you all there. #DaveandBUSTERS

UPDATE: Dave is now on A&M after a little chirp from Will in the gambling cave - we got a game, folks!! Ding, ding!