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The Internet Is Crying About The Reddit CEO Getting A Compensation Package Of $193 MILLION While The Mods Get Paid Nothing

"The feel good moment of simultaneously revealing your CEO is overpaid while your risk assessment underscores the importance of unpaid moderators," one user wrote in a discussion post on Huffman’s pay on Reddit. One of the risk factors Reddit lists in its IPO filing is that its results and user experience could be harmed if it were unable to keep a sufficient number of "volunteer moderators."

“When your entire business model is one pr-ck taking nearly everything,” another scoffed. “And relying on people continuing to work for free.”

I don't understand...really anything about Reddit

I don't understand how the valuation is around $ much money can they make from embedded video game ads?

I don't understand the people who were boycotting it about a price increase last summer. Everytime I use reddit it's free

Most of all...I don't understand these people crying about the mods not being compensated for whatever it is a mod does. This CEO who founded the company, found a way to make money, and created a platform that people enjoy so much that they go there voluntarily to talk massive shit about everything that exists. It seems to me like it's a miracle that a simple site which operates basically the way internet 1.0 did as a chatroom can be profitable. This guy did it and he's compensated handsomely for it. If you don't want to work for free, well, don't. 

From a PR standpoint...sure, maybe Sam could break off a few million to be distributed to the mods who demostrate the ability to grow the audience and engagement of their page. Or...he can politely tell them to fuck off, wait for the internet to get distracted by something else they're outraged about, keep his millions and go about his IPO where he can tell Wall St that he found a way for people to exploit their own labor for the benefit of his company.