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We All Should Be Talking About The USMNT's Match, Easily The Most Insane Ending And Story In All Of Sports Yesterday

Maybe I'll just lean all the way into being a soccer guy now. Focus on the Nations League and be a USA guy until I die. I mean look at this ending from last night! Last play of the match and we got ourselves a goal to go to extra time. Sure, we don't need extra time to beat Jamaica, that's embarrassing. But all that matters is when we got to overtime the best team won. Weird how that happened. That should happen more often in college basketball. 

Hey look at what happens when Gio plays! Good things happen! It's almost like, you know, he's good? I still don't understand what's going on with him at the club level, but the dude can play. That's always been the case. Yeah, our midfield is typically loaded but Reyna is arguably the most talented player on there. We know the backstory with him, his parents and Gregg, but at least this is encouraging? 

There we go, Gregg! Show some fire. I already know what it's like to watch a coach shit the bed and refuse to adapt. Can't have it now with my beloved USMNT. This is how you start to build for Copa America, the most important event we have before the World Cup. We beat Mexico all the time. We better beat them again in the finals here. But how about Haji Wright? Can we get a shout out for Haji Wright? 

Rock, flag and eagle baby! Can't wait to watch the Nations League final. All that matters now in March.