The Ref Who Screwed Over Samford With One Of The Worst Calls You'll Ever See Should Never Be Allowed To Ref A Game Again

Absolutely fucking disgusting. Prison for these refs. How do you call that here! You're not blocked by anyone. You're not doing anything BUT watching this play. You robbed Samford of a chance for a scramble down 1. You ruined the moment because you saw a guy fall who got blocked. It's the worst block foul call since Trey Burke. 


If we can review every single goddamn thing in this game, why can't we review a clean call? We waste time for a .1 second clock difference. We can go back 5 minutes later, take points off the board on a goaltend call. But this? THIS WE GET ROBBED OF. 

This is an incredible play that we would be talking about, because who the hell knows what happens. That ball could lead to a Samford fastbreak. All I know is we got robbed. None of these refs should be allowed to call a game again. Kick them out of the Tournament because of how egregious this foul call was. 

One of the cleanest blocks you'll see. One of the best defensive plays you'll see. All for nothing because a ref sucks at his job. Unbelievable how screwed they got with this call.