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We Have Grown Men Crying And The City Of Dayton Is Fired Up After That Wild Ass Comeback


How the fuck did Dayton win that game? I mean I watched all 40 minutes, but you know what I'm saying. They were dead to rights. They could barely dribble let alone win the game. And, sure, I have a soft spot for Dayton. Doogs is, well, he's impossible to hate. I live close to Dayton and have plenty of Flyers around me. They were robbed of the 1-seed dream with COVID. They have heartbreak all over the place. Most importantly they fucking love basketball. It's why the First Four is there. 

So when this happened to end the first half, it seemed like the 2024 dream was over. 

Shit, halfway through the second they seemed dead. But then they just sort of, I don't know, improvised? That's the best way to put it. They got the ball to Holmes, who is damn good. 


So you know what? Go crazy. It's March, they aren't supposed to celebrate anything but winning. That was the game we were waiting for. Sure, we had the Duquesne upset. But this was the game that felt like the NCAA Tournament. We had the runs, we had people declaring teams dead. Go crazy Dayton. Get LOWD. 


How can you not be romantic about basketball? It will move a grown man to tears. The beautiful game. I can't believe Eddie didn't get this tweet out right somehow faster. This is the story right here. Doogs is weeping. I don't want to say I wouldn't be in this position if Kentucky wins a title. I don't remember 2012, I might cry! But as much as I want to credit Dayton for the win, credit to Eddie for seeing the moment. Head on a swivel, knowing how to capture the moment. Unbelievable scenes in Dayton all damn game. 

You can't fake this passion though. Doogs loves and I mean he fucking loves Dayton basketball. This is also the perfect summary of A-10 Twitter in real life. They are lunatics who live and breathe these teams who are always involved in bizarre 7/10 games. It really should be the A-10 motto at this point.