Don't Be A Fool And Ignore The Full Moon During March Madness

Turn your nose up all you want; speaking from experience, it's never the right move to ignore the power of a Full Moon, especially with something as big on the line as March Madness.

This Sunday, March 24, the biggest beacon of light in the night sky will be Luna herself. What kind of moon, you ask? 


The Worm Moon has many different names and meanings, as its the first Full Moon of the Spring season. The name itself comes from Native American tribes and speaks of "beetle larvae," which would emerge from beneath the "thawing bark and other winter hideouts" around this time. This moon tells us that Spring is here, and while this moon in particular occurs AFTER the Spring Equinox, technically labeling it a Paschal Moon, all signs point to rebirth.

Why is this important? Because the moon fucks shit up. You think you're tougher than the moon? The fucking moon? This moon specifically has already dictated the date of Easter. It moves the tides. It pushes and pulls the energy on Earth in a way that can make or break a night out, a new project, or a big bet (#DKPartner.) You can't imagine a world where it dictates the outcome of a few basketball games? 


To get even deeper, this moon will actually be in Libra, and we'll be getting a LUNAR ECLIPSE. Late Sunday night, the moon will be briefly shrouded in shadow while Libra encourages us to take risks:

Powerful. I can already feel the vibrations 3 days out. There's a shift in the air, a palpable force washing over us all. Above all - trust your gut. Make decisions even if they seem unpopular, be steadfast and strong with your choices, and remain victorious. Ignore the naysayers who think the sky and the stars aren't the pulsing heartbeat of the universe. You can't fight the moonlight.