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Scott Hanson Will Host "Gold Zone" aka Red Zone For The 2024 Olympics


That sound you just heard was Jeff D Lowe cumming himself to the moon. Gross as it may be, that man LOVES the Olympics. Rumor has it he once skipped his weekly $75 hair cut to watch the women's speed skating semi-finals. One hair was out of place before his next weekly $75 hair cut and he hasn't gotten over it since, but that's what the Olympics does to D Lowe. I truly believe if he had to choose between talking about niche chain restaurants that are only open in the mid-south United States or the volleyball prelims from Atlanta '96, he's taking the volleyball prelims from Atlanta '96. I mean honestly, who could forget the United States losing to Bulgaria in 5 sets after being up 2 sets to 1. The US got absolutely smoked in the 4th set 15-5 and couldn't recover, dropping the deciding set 15-12. Of course the Netherlands went on to win Gold, a well deserved Gold at that. 

And you see? Now you'll get ALL of that, thanks to Scott Hanson and "Gold Zone". This is obviously a great idea and a long time coming. It also rocks that the Olympics are in Paris, so thanks to time zone differences we will get a lot of the "prime time" stuff in the middle of the work day. I tell ya, nothing is better than the Olympics every 4 years (or 2 years actually) to blog about. There's always great clips and great stories every single day, it's so nice. And Gold Zone will only make it better and easier. A win all around for the working man!