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The SEC Is Using the Exact Same Football Schedule in 2025 as This Year and Just Flipping the Locations of the Games

I'm sorry, what the fuck is this? Was there some sort of arbitrary deadline that we had to have the 2025 opponents 17 months in advance and the guy in charge of scheduling just forgot about it?

The entire point of getting rid of divisions — in addition to having the two best teams regardless of arbitrary designation play for the conference title — is to create a more even schedule where schools play every opponent in the conference at least every other year. And now for at least the next two seasons, the SEC has created a schedule less diverse than it had under the old system.

I'm sure this will change in 2026 and beyond, but it really sucks having the exact same schedule for the first two seasons with Texas and Oklahoma in the league. We'll have to wait at least another year for some great matchups involving those schools we thought we'd get in 2025.

My hope is that this is just a lazy kick of the can down the road and 2026 ushers in a nine-game conference schedule with three permanent opponents and six of the other 12 every other year. Then add one mandatory Power Five non-conference game and two Group of Fives and we're ready to roll. This doesn't seem that difficult.

I hope the 2024 SEC football season is one for the record books, because we're already committed to running it back.