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Saquon Barkley's Daughter Just Ethered The Corpse Of The New York Football Giants

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DAMNNNNNN!!! Nice to see closet Eagles fans are all over the place, even well behind enemy lines. And rightfully so. Little Benedict Barkley over here couldn't WAIT to switch over to the winning team.  You think Saquon's daughter was alive when the Giants won their last Super Bowl or when Eli Manning left the league after over a decade of .500 play? Exactly. Giving her Daddy playoff PTSD at the diner with spotting a bird and saying the "Oh no, oh no! It's the Eagles!" means she knows how the game is played. And won. 

Saw a Twitter comment stating along the lines of now " Great, now Tiki Barber and other Giants fans are going to declare war on Saquon's daughter" and my response to that would be: 1) Judging by her sense of humor and impeccable wit, she'd probably just murder them again and B) Real, civilized Giants fans know humor will always outweigh hate: 

Excited to have everyone back in PA. Welcome home, Saquon & Fam. Go Birds.