Joe Mazzulla Being Banned From Contesting Shots Is Soft As Hell

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Jesus Christ Adam Silver, please grow up. Now I'm assuming this is coming from the league office given that Joe Mazzulla wouldn't tell us who the person was that has now banned him from contesting after the whistle jumpers, but either way it's a very sad look for the league. First of all, it wasn't against the rules. This is your classic example of Joe figuring out a way to maybe get a competitive advantage, people cried about it, and now you can't do it. We saw it for decades with Belichick and it's the same thing here. Sorry Joe Mazzulla is playing chess while the rest of the coaches in the NBA are playing checkers

As I said at the time, this is what leading from the front looks like. It's a fun moment that is absolutely NOT that serious, and just because Adam Silver apparently doesn't like fun, this was the last time we'll ever see Joe do it. I find it very funny that despite all the very glaring officiating problems currently going on in Silver's league, this is what the NBA chooses to outlaw. Way to keep your eye on the prize and take care of what really matters! Good job!


Hearing Joe talk about it in that clip is everything you should love about him. 

"I hope we piss everybody off"

Hell yeah. That's the basketball psycho that I know and love. Joe Mazzulla doesn't give a shit about your feelings, he gives a shit about winning and it's clear he's willing to do everything in his power to get that win. That's the guy I want leading this team into battle. No wonder he has complete buy in from his players and every single player 1-15 on the roster is essentially having the best season of their careers. Pick a name, any name you want, it's actually pretty crazy. 

So now that contesting shots after the whistle is out, I need to know what the next tactic is because you know there's one on deck. When you're as competitive as Mazzulla and you obsess over winning to an almost unhealthy degree, you'll find some new tactics that are within the rules to help your team potentially gain an advantage. And just like with Bill, the NBA will probably outlaw that one too once people cry about it, mostly because they are embarrassed they didn't think of it first.

The more I think about it, the more this has me feeling even better about the Celts title chances. One the league starts changing the rules of how you approach games because nobody can beat you, that's how you know you've arrived. It happened with the Patriots, and it's now happened with the Celts. 

Now all that's left is the whole becoming a dynasty part, and there's no better time to start that run than right now.