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Kadyn Proctor Is Reportedly Transferring Back to Alabama After Leaving Tuscaloosa for Iowa Two Months Ago

Iowa got a huge upgrade to its offensive line in the form of 5-star Alabama transfer Kadyn Proctor back in January and that upgrade lasted a grand total of two months and zero practices before Proctor re-entered the transfer portal, where he's expected to return to Alabama. Gone but not forgotten.

What a run it was for Proctor at Iowa. He arrived on campus, immediately reported his new team for a tampering violation on camera, hung out for a couple months and then ditched the Hawkeyes the day before the start of spring practice.

The people who hate the transfer portal and the currently unlimited nature of transfers will point to this case forever as to why things need to change, conveniently disregarding the fact that things could change very easily if players were employees. Make football and basketball players university employees who sign multi-year contracts and all of this madness becomes far more manageable instantaneously. But as long as schools want to have collectives and other corporations paying their athletes so they don't have to, you can't restrict their movement.

It was only a matter of time before we had a situation like this. I will not be surprised when it happens again. Coaches and athletic directors do this all the time and nobody bats an eye, but when players do it — and again, their ability to do it is created by the schools — it's a problem.

Good for Proctor. Transfer again if you want.