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Here's Where Tyrese Haliburton's 9-Game Three-Point Cold Streak Ranks All Time

Tyrese Haliburton is currently going through his own version of March Madness. An unfortunate, Monstar version that he hopes to break out of tonight vs Detroit. If any team is able to help an opponent break out of a slump, it's...

Washington. But Detroit is a close second. 

I ran the numbers on the worst rolling nine-game three-point shooting for every player this season (minimum 60 attempts) and our boy Tyrese is the worst of them all behind Jalen Green Zach LaVine, and Miles Bridges.


17 percent (rounded up mind you) is pretty bad but not quite bad enough to be the worst 9-game stretch of all time (min 60 attempts):

My data only has current team logos so Barron Davis' New Orleans Hornets are left out as if anyone cares

There's a couple possible explanations for Tyrese's March slump. The first one is really boring: random variance. In the statistical world, this is stat nerd for "shit happens". I mean, Luka even had a worse go of it in 2022 and Vernon Maxwell was a starter for the World Champion Rockets despite having the worst 9-game slump of all time. 

The second explanation is more fun: Tyrese Haliburton might still be dealing with a birthday hangover. 

Did he go out drinking on his February 29th birthday? I have no idea. Does he even drink at all? No clue. Is there any other evidence of this possibility other than a poor three-point shooting slump randomly starting right after his awkward leap day birthday? No. But it's only fair to point out that those with leap day birthdays simply don't have as much experience as everyone else in handling their birthday booze. As a matter of fact, the only other player in NBA history that played on March 1st the day after a leap day was Chucky Brown in 1992. And for the record, he went a perfect 2/2 for five points. 

OK dumb consipiracy aside, looking ahead to tonight I gotta imagine he breaks the doors open and ends this stupid Monstar March Madness that is his current state of hell. If you think the Pistons are his cure, take your shot (odds from Draftkings).


Hopefully, it's better than any of Tyrese's. 



PS. Tim Hardaway Jr. has the worst ten-game three-point slump in NBA history ending on February 12, 2018 (10/60). Haliburton can out slump that with an 0/2, or 1/8 three-point performance tonight. I'd rather bet on that because I'm a sicco. Unfortunately, I don't see it offered.