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St. Lucie Police Continue To Shoot Viral Post Arrest Videos

I was always wondering when the content game would hit the police sector and the answer was 2024. Above we have a video of the sheriff in Port St. Lucie after he arrested 18-year-old driver Elijah Norton. This is the society we live in now. Social media has taken over so much, we now have post-arrest recap videos. This wasn't the first one either:

"Hey, what do you think? No comment...thought so"

It seems as if this proud cop works specifically in seizing stolen vehicles and is FIRM on not allowing any in St. Lucie county, unless you want to end up like these two fellas:

With social media, the purpose is usually marketing….but how do you market for a police station? Is the ultimate goal to scare criminals? Or to make the public feel safer? I guess you could accomplish both.

His name being Keith Pearson is also perfect. That's such a cop name. I need to know this fella's name too: