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Kai Cenat Was Friendzoned By Tyla Live On Stream Last Night

I may be a little late to the Tyla party, but the South African artist is without a doubt one of the new IT girls on the internet. She has joined the likes of Sydney Sweeney, Tate McRae, Ice Spice, etc. I know that is big praise but after her performance this weekend? I have no choice but to say that. I bear a lot of responsibility in labeling the "it girls" of the internet, but as someone who spends too much time on here...I have to give back in some way.

We'll start on Saturday at the Knicks game:

She inspired Deuce McBride to have a generational performance against the Nets:

Last night, Tyla then went on Kai Cenat's stream…..where she rejected his request for a date:

The "you right" was absolutely painful from Kai. We've all been there. Hell, I've been there more times than not. The good news for me is it was not in front of 150k people watching you stream. That's a true man-in-the-arena situation. I'd say anyone hating on him here deserves nothing but the bad karma coming their way. He took the shot, missed it, and handled it in stride.

Now, my internet brain goes to this possibly being fake. Nothing goes crazy like a friend zone rejection. Look at me! I'm writing a blog about it. If I was handling PR for Tyla (her album just dropped), this would be a perfect scheme. Something I may have to put in my back pocket.

Anyways, Kyla may be in my top 5 right now…..a huge development. Truly out of nowhere. Didn't even know who she was prior to this weekend. Now she is up there with Sydney Sweeney, Lori Harvey, Tate McRae, and Kendall Jenner.