A Dude's Guide To Sex And The City After My First Watch


Last month I settled in on a Friday night for a rare night of no alcohol intake and decided to begin a new television show that I could watch as I attempt to my elliptical to potentially get hot. Entourage? Did it 500 times already. Sopranos? Same problem. Veep? SOON. Eastbound & Down? Classic though just finished it recently. 

As you can tell I have a home box office taste so as I was strolling through the app I had noticed Sex and The City which has always piqued my interest. I enjoy women. I enjoy sex. I enjoy New York City. All great things! Though for some reason I had always thought it was way more of a drama than a comedy and for that reason I never took it. BAD CHOICE BY ME! Hand up on that one because I can fully admit I've been missing on getting in touch with my feminine. Sure I enjoy a romcom every now and then though I've never watched 80+ episodes of a show like this and let me tell ya...Worth the watch for the fellas!


After finishing the whole series it became pretty apparent that this show is, quite literally, Entourage for women so I couldn't be a bigger fan! Each episode is 30 minutes and it's WAY more of a comedy than a drama which makes for a perfectly easy watch. Carrie, Samantha, Miranda, and Charlotte roam New York City as they traverse through their jobs, sex lives, boyfriends, husbands, and more all while (not to get sappy here) staying best buds which simply just warms the cockles of my heart! 

And for the actual show itself I have some takes I gotta get off my chest which I will be doing here if there's any SatC fans reading this. I gotta begin with saying everyone I talked to, including Kelly Keegs & my mom, was dead correct by saying I will like Miranda once the show finally ends. Miranda's character grew like a goddamn redwood tree as she went from my least favorite to favorite by show's end. One thing about me is I'm a massive fan of true love so her and King Steve finally getting together made my year. 

As for Charlotte I will say her whole goodie 2 shoes bit did not grow on me and sadly she's staying as my least favorite of the bunch even though Harry Goldenblatt is a certified stud (For the fellas out there it's Runkle from Californication who basically just plays Runkle). Samantha was much needed as the group's party girl and always rocked though I loved when she finally wound up with Smith Jerrod who is up there one of the most handsome dudes I've ever seen. Much respect to him for sticking with her as she made him a superstar. And I have to mention my favorite character not named Carrie Bradshaw in Anthony who is fucking hilarious. If Mario Cantone is ever doing standup in my area I will be there and that's a personal guarantee.

ANYWAY on to the main event which is obviously Carrie Bradshaw. Carrie's 6 seasons were an absolute joy as we roamed through dudes like a young stud Bradley Cooper, Bon Jovi, a Yankees rookie star, King Aidan, that scumbag fucker Petrovsky, Berger, and most importantly...Mr. Big. I'm glad it seems like Carrie & Big finally wound up with each other due to the fact that I'm no relationship afficianado though it's clear they're good for each other when they stay in contact for SIX FUCKING YEARS! Now do I think Aiden was better for Carrie? Of course. Aiden was perfect, but once Carrie has an affair with Big in the midst of a relationship with Aiden that should go out the door. The gal just fucking loves Big!! 

Moral of the story: If you're a fella and are hesitant to tune into Sex and the City do not be scared to. It rocks. It's an easy watch. Once's the female Entourage. Give it a go and please report back to me if you do to gossip about the gals. Can't wait!! Brb as I go read Kim Cattrall/Sarah Jessica Parker beef rumors.