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Becoming Rico Bosco's College Basketball Fact Checker Has Now Become The Most Important Job This March

I'm starting to get scared for our buddy Rico here. Oakland running in a track meet with Kentucky? Buddy, come on. I know you watched Oakland, you texted me during their game with Milwaukee. I know you were paying attention. I'm not sure if this is Rico reverting back to the old Rico - one who makes up vicious lies about John Calipari and trying to find a way to bury him for no reason at all. Very unfair! Very mean! 

But this isn't the first time this month we've had a Rico Bosco fact gone wrong. 


Wait, I didn't mean to talk about Yankees legend Ricky Ledee. I meant this one.

That's three errors in March! Rico! Come on, Rico! Now I'm not going to do what people might think I'm going to do here. I'm not going to write some woe is me, I'm the real college basketball expert, crying blog like you may or may not have seen on this site. I'm not going to beg for a different job because I feel bad for a day or whatever other bullshit we see. 

I'm a blogger despite being handsome (commonly told I look like a not so fat Kevin James, for sure fatter Russillo). I love blogging, it's what I do. I'm not going to cry about making jokes and talking about sports, that would be what you call, dumb. I'm here to help a fellow college basketball fan out and become his personal fact checker during the most important month of the year. Not like I'm busy blogging all day and night (without taking a nap) anyways. 

It's too important that one of our 19 March college basketball experts stops making mistakes. It's a team player around here and we at Barstool are always kumbaya. Plus all the greats have a fact checker. Schwab from Stump the Schwab did that for Dickie V for ever. He was his stat guy basically. Add it to the resume. 

Rico, I'm begging you, I'm trying to help you. I get texts to the laptop which is open 24 hours a day this month. Not 100% positive, shoot the text. I'm here to be the stat guy. I'm here to help the team, the team, the team (not a joke about Rico having 14 teams left in the Tournament). 

And let it be known that, yeah, Oakland is slow as shit. They want to play through Trey Townsend, you know, the Horizon Player of the Year and big man. They shoot a shit ton of threes but it's all through sets. See, there's your line for Oakland, Rico. This has now become the most important job in March.