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This Recent Trend Tells Us Phallic Team Names Could Be the Key to Finding This Year's Cinderella

Everybody is looking for an edge this time of year when it comes to filling out brackets. While some guys are combing through efficiency numbers and stats you've never heard of to identify who's going to move on, others, like this guy on Reddit, are doing the real research.

There were a lot of jokes when Oral Roberts went on its run to the Sweet Sixteen, but I don't think anybody really picked up on the continuation of the phallic trend when St. Peter's and Fairleigh Dickinson had their March moments the past two seasons. As you can clearly see, though, you should probably be on the lookout for dicks when selecting your Cinderella. We are in the midst of a penis school uprising in the NCAA Tournament.

This is very bad news for two schools this year: Houston (playing Longwood) and Tennessee (playing St. Peter's). If you extend the trend to include 3-seeds, Illinois has Morehead State in its first round matchup.

I'd argue the Vols have the worst draw out of anybody, as the St. Peter's Peacocks have more dick references in their name than a gas station bathroom wall. And the one thing Rick Barnes doesn't have on his résumé yet is a loss to a 15-seed. It's all coming together now.

If you're intrigued by the Phallic Prophecy, you can get St. Peter's moneyline at +1500 and Longwood at +2000. A parlay of the two would pay 336-1. Let's just hope if this trend continues in 2024, it's Longwood getting in on the action rather than another run from the 'Cocks.

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