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Ian Garry Continues His Cringe Campaign....Launches Blue Make MMA Great Again Hats To Troll Colby Covington

The latest beef in the MMA world is Colby Covington and Ian Garry. The beef that no one asked for, but we are all, unfortunately, watching. 

Ian Garry is one of the most hated fighters in the UFC right now:

After he soaked in all of the boo's, he called out Colby Covington:

This fight, for the most part, makes sense. It's a matchup of two of the most controversial guys in MMA, one that MMA fans won't know who to root for in. Outside of the theatrics, Colby Covington is coming off a loss to Leon Edwards in a title fight and Ian Garry just moved to 14-0 and 6th in the 170-pound rankings. 

A week ago, Colby Covington finally responded:

I thought Colby Covington lost a step, but this video showed he may still have his fastball. 

He had three stipulations for Ian, whom he refers to as a "translucent cuck:"

1. He can't turn off his comments on IG before the fight (something Ian, and his wife Layla, have done since December), and if Colby wins, the comments have to stay on or Garry will have to forfeit his purse.

2. Layla (his wife) has 60 seconds to convince Colby why he should accept the fight.

3. Layla (his wife) must do a sports betting pick video with him.

Ian responded to this on Sunday:

Where, of course, he used a Conor McGregor line…even though the guy has abandoned Ireland and moved to Brazil. He did roast Colby by calling him a "peak underperformer…you're the only fighter in UFC history to lose three title fights." That stat isn't true as Israel Adesanya has also lost 3 (Poatan, Strickland, Jan). The stat would be Colby is the only fighter in UFC history to lose 3 title fights in the same division.

Ian eventually got to HIS stipulation: a WWE-style "I quit" match. This, of course, would never be sanctioned, BUT a "loser leaves town match" would be allowed, I guess? I'd assume Colby Covington would retire if he lost to Ian Garry, but if the other result happened? We all know Ian Garry isn't going anywhere. Would it be embarrassing? Yes, but the man really may have an embarrassment kink. 

Garry's latest move has been putting a "Make MMA Great Again" hat on sale…and of course it's in blue.

I guess I have to respect how much Ian Garry doesn't care about being cringe. Or maybe he thinks this is him being cool and witty? Who is consulting this man?

P.s. As a Colby Covington fan, it stinks that I am going to have to watch him lose to Ian Garry. Just awful.