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Anthony Richardson Good Guy Tour Rolls On, Now Stopping On Side Of The Interstate To Help Change People Change Tires

Anthony Richardson performing acts of good samaratinism (not a word) has become a recurring headline. You can set your watch to it every few months. When AR isn't diving head first into NFL defenses and injuring each individual extremity on his body, you can rest assured he's out in the city being a god damn hero. 

It all started with last year's NFL Rookie Symposium where Richardson stayed after a meeting to clean up the despicable mess left by the rest of his good-for-nothing, mannerless rookie classmates. 


A couple months later, a Reddit post was made by a Golden State Warriors fan who accosted Anthony Richardson in public with his who cares baby. Richardson wouldn't have had to hold the baby. He could have simply flashed a smile, gave him a hello, and been on his merry way. He could have Gronk spiked the baby through the sidewalk like a football. Instead he opted to entertain a full-blown conversation with the guy. A conversation that I promise you he could not have given the smallest, rabbit sized shit about. But he even went as far as holding the newborn baby and posing for a picture that if you didn't know any better makes it look like Richardson and his twink lover just adopted a South American child.

Next instance, in the middle of the NFL season, fucked up shoulder and all, Richardson took the time to visit a man at his home for his birthday. A man who didn't have the slightest respect for Richardson multi-million dollar right arm and tried his darndest to rip it right off his torso. But it didn't matter to Anthony. He smiled right through it and made the guy's day.

And now Anthony Richardson is taking the time to change tires on the side of I-65 in the name of helpless teenagers. That's quite possibly his most impressive one yet. If I were driving on the highway and came across a man on fire holding a large sign that read, "John Rich (Specifically) Please Stop and Save Me, I Have a Fire Extinguisher in My Backseat, All You Have To Do is Spray Me With It And I'll Live", I'm not entirely sure I'd stop. I probably would. Having my birth name on the sign would likely sell me on it. I'd likely stop out of curiosity alone. But no promises. Like if I'm late for work or something.. or I'm on my way home from work and am really tired… or I'd told my friend I'd be to the bar in no less 10 minutes… or I was meeting a drug dealer… damn idk… I can't make any guarantees.


What I'm afraid of now is that Anthony Richardson is going to run into a series of "boy who cried wolf" situations. Now that word is out around Indianapolis that if you find yourself in any sort of predicament, Colts starting QB Anthony Richardson will come to your rescue. Then you'll get a picture, autograph, and a follow on Instagram… people may start taking advantage of the situation. 

"Woe is me, I'm the world's biggest Colts' fan and I've tragically been diagnosed with Legionnaires' Disease. The only thing that can make my life worth living is if a 6'4" 245 pound freak athlete knocks on my front door and tells me to 'hang in there kid'."

"Anthony! Anthony! Over here! My dog took a messy shit on the sidewalk and I don't have any plastic bags. Can you please use your calloused, oversized, bare hands to transport this shit into a trash can in case there's any neighbors judging me from their window."

"Oh no, I've been diagnosed as gay. If only there were an NFL quarterback to stop by and help me come to terms with my sexuality." 

Nothing is off the table. I'm not sure if Anthony Richardson has it in him to say no to any sort of damsel in distress. He's slowly turning into the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man of central Indiana. I appreciate your good heart, Anthony. You seem to be a better person than 99% of NFL players. But we can't have you overextend yourself. Don't wear yourself too thin. First and foremost, winning football games is what matters. Not the health and well-being of your fellow Americans. Let's make sure we have our priorities in order.