New Balance Unveiled Their New Shohei Ohtani Logo And It STINKS

Oh no Shohei, what are we doing here?? Come on New Balance! You sign a generational athlete and this is the logo you put out? He's won unanimous MVPs, is a future Hall of Famer, arguably the best baseball player we've ever seen and the best they can do is a sketch of him...running? The most dynamic pitcher/hitter combo we have ever seen and he is he running?! 


That's like if Michael Jordan's logo was him doing a sky hook. It's like if Ken Griffey Jr.'s logo was him fielding a ball off the wall. Shohei's got one of the prettiest swings of all time, make that the logo, not a light jog! 

Jayne Kamin-Oncea. Getty Images.

It's such a recognizable swing and follow through, it would have been perfect on his future pro-model cleats and shirts and stuff. Would have looked so cool but instead we get him rounding second. How did the artists and designers and big whigs over at NB not incorporate a single thing he is known for, especially the fact he's a two-way player. Surely they have a top graphics team over there who coulda whipped up something better than what they went with.  

This isn't a normal baseball player we're dealing with, this could have been a billion dollar logo if they really nailed it. Ohtani creates his own New Balance line of shirts and clothes and shoes and backpacks and batting gloves and pants and sandals and anything else with a cool logo on it and every single person in the world is wearing them in 2 weeks. I mean I'm sure it'll still do fine, but damn.

Just another example of baseball having 0 real clue on how to help market superstars. Let's keep going- imagine if Deion Sanders' logo was him throwing up his arm for a fair catch or Shaq's logo was him inbounding a ball. So par for the course with MLB. Never change baseball. All I wanted was for one of the best players ever to have a cool logo, is that too much to ask?