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125,000 Fans Losing Their Minds To "Break Stuff" By Limp Bizkit Is Awesome

My god - the videos from Lollapalooza Argentina/Chile 2024 prove yet again why the best music crowds in the world are found in South America. Limp Bizkit kicks into 'Break Stuff' and that audience becomes an absolute sea of people bouncing up and down hard enough to chart on the Richter scale. It looks straight outta Woodstock 99 - or a war film, depending on who you ask.

They keep that energy up all night, too - check out this clip of 'My Generation'....

We had to endure like a decade of Limp Bizkit getting the Nickelback/CREED treatment, where everyone acted like they were the worst band in history - but I feel like we've finally come out on the other side and people are embracing them for what they are. 

Is Fred Durst the greatest lyricist in the world? No, obviously not....but is 'Rollin' a banger? Every fucking time.

There's a couple videos of blink-182's headlining sets down there as well - made crazier by the fact that this is blink's first time EVER in South America….

I love that first one, where the audience is singing not the words, but the GUITAR RIFFS in 'Anthem Pt 2' - now THAT is a crowd for a rock show. Nate's always saying we should head down there for a concert one of these days, but to be honest, I don't know if we'd make it out alive. We may not be built for that. I can't get enough from afar though.

P.S. I can't blog about how amazing Argentinian crowds are without tossing in the Oasis 'Don't Look Back In Anger' video….