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Kanye West & Milo Yiannopoulos Sue YesJulz For $8 Million, Just Days After She Dared Them To Do So

I'm about to take you all into an internet time machine. I want you to close your eyes and think of these two names:


Milo Yiannopoulos

What year are you in? That's right 2013.....just kidding it's still 2024.

I thought both of these people were long gone in the public eye. They made a name in the early 2010s on the internet and then rode off into the sunset via cancelation/getting sick of it. I was wrong, though. Both of these people have been working at Yeezy with Kanye West, because of course. 

On March 12th....YesJulz was fired from Yeezy:

Absolutely hilarious official letter from Milo......"Obviously, you are fired." Nice to see he is the exact same person as he was in 2017. I'm all for people changing, but there's something refreshing about not hearing from someone in close to a decade and they didn't change at all.

If you're wondering why she got fired:

XXL - The lawsuit news comes on the heels of Ye revealing he'd fired YesJulz last week. Julz has worked closely with Ye for his Vultures 1 album rollout. However, issues reportedly arose when she began reaching out to Ye fan pages about working with her in developing a "Yeezy Universe" app for free. She later conceded her ideas had not been approved by Ye, but said he, "sees and hears everything. He knows how active you’ve been. I know sometimes it might feel like you might be working all day, every day, and you’re work is not being seen or recognized."

YesJulz did not drive off into the sunset after her firing…she did the opposite. Here she is daring Kanye to sue her:

And last night….Kanye did exactly what she asked….sued her:

Seems as if YesJulz is not concerned:

Milo, Kanye, and YesJulz beefing in 2024 very much seems fake. Something is wrong with the simulation for this to be going on. In between all of the beef, YesJulz has been posting thirst traps with a link to her Snapchat….because, of course. Can't blame her, if she is going to need to pay up $8 million, need to start making some MONEY.

I would assume that YesJulz does not have 8 million dollars to her name, so I'm not sure what Ye will get out of this. Is there any reason to sue somebody for money when they don't have any? What happens then? These are all things I am about to Google. 

Looks like Yeezy could get future money that YesJulz makes….and the court could make her sell off assets. There are also repayment plans. I guess the plan is to just ruin her life. Seems like just the job for Milo and Kanye.