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Step Aside, Chilean SWAT Team: The Nashville Police Department Has a New Fitness Test That Only the World's Elite Can Pass

Some of you may have seen Jack Mac's blog last month about the Chilean all-female SWAT team that entered a global competiton and didn't do so hot.

While those ladies may have failed against the world's elite SWAT squads, the Metro Nashville Police Department has introduced a new fitness test that might be a little more their speed.

I don't generally fancy myself much of an expert in physical fitness tests, but I really think I could set the course record in the MNPD parking lot. I could dominate a four-foot chain link fence like you wouldn't believe. We may need to get Billy Football on a flight to Nashville and see what he could do to the 99-yard agility run. And this time when he doesn't meet his goal and says it was because the course is too easy, he'll actually be correct.

The content we all deserve is a Tosh.0-style Web Redemption with the Chilean SWAT team taking on the new Nashville Police fitness test. What a great ending to that story we could have if they all bodied this obstacle course. Would be scenes.

For now, if you find yourself being pursued by the cops in Nashville, just break into a brisk jog until you find the nearest wall taller than waist-high and you should be in good shape.