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RGIII Has Entered The Running For Dumbest Tweet Of The Year By Saying That Caleb Williams Should Demand A Trade To Avoid The Bears

Boom, ratio'd


We've all been in a spot where we fire of a quick idea on twitter and then people come piling in. Tweeting without thinking can get you in trouble. 

This wasn't that. RGIII thought this out. Scripted this shit. Had people add graphics. And in all that time he still said that Caleb Williams was going to a bad spot and should demand a trade. 

There is no better spot than Chicago right now the way this offseason has played out. 

He has TWO all-pro WRs

He has TWO big time TE options

An offensive line that is getting better all the time. 

Weapons in the backfield

An OC that turned Geno Smith's career around

A defense that came on strong at the end of last year. 

The NFC North is tough on paper with the Packers and Lions both expected to be playoff teams, but the Bears will have a last place schedule. 

As Big Cat said...there has NEVER been a better situation for a rookie QB to come in. What would be a better team? It's not Washington. It's not New England. It's definitely not the Giants. 

Bringing up Justin Fields as a comparison is so stupid. Different regime drafted him. He came into maybe the worst possible situation with the Bears tearing everything down and starting over in his 2nd year. They did try to support him by drafting a tackle, adding DJ Moore, and while it failed, the Bears also tried to get him another weapon in Chase Claypool. Then, even when it was clear that the Bears were moving on from Fields. Poles STILL said he wanted to do right by Fields and trade him to a good spot. I think he did that (strong org with vets and a QB that I think Fields could very well overtake as the starter).  

This response by RGIII

Buddy, just make a better argument. Think things through. This isn't about feelings. This is about facts. Fields came into a shell of a team and then it got worse. Caleb Williams is kind of like the final big piece to this puzzle. It's all set up for him. The Bears, on paper, have finally got it right.