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Keeping A Scorebook At A MLB Game Is One Of My Favorite Things

There are few things I love more than being at a Major League Baseball game with a scorebook in my hand. Keeping score at games is the best. It's a great way to stay focused and involved throughout the game. It also makes for an awesome keepsake. 

You would be surprised to know how much grief this activity gets me around the office. People like Marty Mush and Hubbs love to mock me for doing something I enjoy.

Why would this upset Marty? Maybe he's intimidated by anyone who can read and write? But I know I'm not the only one who still does this. Every time I tweet about keeping score, people reach out and talk about how they also do it or ask what book I use.

The book I use is the "Bob Carpenter's Baseball Scorebook". Carpenter is the play-by-play guy for the Nationals and I think it's the best book out there. It has a laminated front and back which helps a ton when it rains. I also like the layout and how each team has its own page so there is plenty of space. I love this book so much, I even have a spare in my closet if/when I run out of space in the one I currently use.

Another thing I like about scoring is everyone has their own style and that's great. It's something I do that is just for me and there is a  sense of comfort in that. I try to write neat (which is tough for me. My handwriting sucks) and limit mistakes but I fuck up, I'm the only one who sees it.

I really do love every aspect about this book. Just taking it off the shelf to bring to the office to write this blog made me feel good. Holding it makes me think of the sun hitting my face at Citi Field. I really do love baseball so much and for me, it's that connection the stats that the book offers that truly brings me a source of inner peace. I know that's corny but chances are if you are reading this blog on this website, you are probably a sports fan. 

It might not be a scorebook but I would guess there is some tangible item that is an instant reminder why you love sports and maybe even what brought you that love to begin with. When I go to games, I like to sit way up high to get a full perspective on the field. I also try to sit in an area or section where there are very few people. In a city as big and busy as New York, it's nice to have these spots where you can find a sort of tranquility and for me, it's a Wednesday night game in July in the 500's section.

(I know there is a joke there about no one going to Mets games but I'm trying to stay positive about baseball in this blog.)

This game was a brutal watch but it was still oddly enjoyable keeping score. It was so weird and disgusting that it filling in the diamonds at least gave me something to do as opposed to fly into a wild rage.

I'm so excited for baseball to be back. The bracket is out and St. Patrick's Day is in the rear view. This means Opening Day is so close. We even have these two Dodger/Padres games in South Korea this week. But the real Opening Day is less than two weeks away. I'll be at Citi Field with my scorebook ready to go.

The long winter is over. Baseball is back.

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