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I Am CERTAIN I Have Filled Out A PERFECT NCAA Tournament Bracket

I love the NCAA tournament. Why do I love the NCAA tournament? Because it's so goddamn stupid. It's the most random postseason in sports, and that's why it's awesome. You could be an adult who hasn't watched a single second of college basketball and have every bit as much of a chance of filling out a perfect bracket as a guy who hasn't turned off a college basketball game since November. I'll admit that my college basketball love typically coincides with how competitive or non-competitive Michigan is. When Michigan is really good, which has been pretty often throughout my lifetime, I watch a fair amount of regular-season college basketball, but I'm always locked into March. You always fall in love with the storylines, Cinderellas, and buzzer-beaters. It's hard not to. The opening weekend of the NCAA tournament is the best in sports. 

As far as my bracket is concerned, it's a total cluster fuck guessing game. Despite being the number one overall seed, UConn plays in a pretty tough region. There are several teams that I could see coming out of that region. Other than that, it's just complete luck. My Cinderella pick this year is Nebraska. I have no idea why I decided to go with them. I know that they can score the basketball, and if they get themselves into a few track meets, I could see him outlasting a few teams, and with Houston being the number-one seed in that region, I don't really trust them. I don't know why they have a great coach, and they've had a wonderful year. 

I don't even know why I'm trying to give an analysis here. I have no fucking clue what I'm talking about. I just want it to be a fun tournament. If there is one thing that I'm truly hoping for this March, it's that some stars emerge. I feel like college basketball is severely lacking in star power right now. There are great teams and great coaches, but I long for the days when college basketball wasn't just a stepping stone to the NBA. Regardless of my qualms about the sport, March is almost always electric, and I am certain that I have filled out what will be a perfect bracket.