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After Seeing Drake Crash Houston's Team Party, I Hereby Rebuke And Ban Him From Ever Being Associated With Kentucky Again

It's that time of the year when you don't know who is going to turn into an enemy. Could be the person you're sleeping next to, could be the most obvious asshole you know. It's the beauty of a bracket. You don't know who you're playing or what it's going to look like in a week. I expect carnage because that's what we get basically every year now. 

But this is where I have to step in. Drake is hereby rebuked and now a personal enemy. Don't get me wrong, I thank him for leaving Kentucky after this fiasco: 


Not shocking Kentucky lost its next game after this. I mean I said it right in the headline all the good juju went away when Drake decided to stick his nose in our business again. Can't be pretending to be on the team then jump ship when you get to Houston. Why? 

Potential Elite Eight matchup! Drake gonna show up in a split AJ Hawk/Brady Quinn jersey or a Nelly Super Bowl jersey

Scott Gries. Getty Images.

You know what? On behalf of Kentucky, I don't just rebuke him, I offer a trade. We want ONE (1) Houston player on defense. Fair is fair. Don't worry about Drake curses, they aren't real anymore since the Raptors won a NBA Finals. Houston can have him. I won't even ask for Jamal Shead, I know that's unfair. 

But this is the most important time of the year. We need everyone on the same page. There's already a Kentucky fan Civil War because of John Calipari, can't be having this now too. It's no secret we need a run in the NCAA Tournament. It has to happen. The last 4 years have been nothing short of a disaster. If you wanna jump ship? Fine. Go ahead, just no coming back. You live and die with one team or you get a graphic and mocked during March. See ya, Drake.