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Spinning Heels Kicks, Pancake Blocks And More Wild Ass Scenes - Turkish Soccer Fans Storm The Field To Fight The Opposing Team For Celebrating A Win

Good God. This isn't one of those oh it's just 2-3 fat guys pissed off and running on the field but there's no chance anything happens. The second wave of people filling up the field shows it all. That's what you get when you come to Trabzonspor and have the audacity to win in our stadium. You get rushed, ready to fight. The weirdest part is it's all started by one guy. This wasn't a group effort to begin with. One guy took it upon himself to give Fenerbache's squad a piece of his mind. But the moment he gets taken out that's when all hell breaks loose.

This is where I'll say it. Going spinning kick move? Is it a spinning heel kick? I don't know, I'm not a fighter. Seems like one or is it a roundhouse kicks? Either way that's the smartest thing I've ever seen a soccer player do since Tim Howard started the outlet pass to beat Algeria in the 2010 World Cup. We're talkin soccer here. You know what weapons you have? YOUR FEET. You don't throw punches in soccer. You have cleats on, line someone up and unleash hell with kicks. It's about goddamn time we saw that from soccer players. We're supposed to be smart here fellas. Granted I hate giving credit to a former Chelsea player 

There's also a pretty blindside tackle in that 3rd video. That's how you lay someone out. Goodell is livid seeing that and not a penalty anywhere to be found. 

Anadolu. Getty Images.
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Anadolu. Getty Images.

Let this be a good lesson though. You should just get the fuck out of places in soccer over in Europe and South America after a win. Get to the locker room and celebrate there. I'm not trying to fight after running around for 90 minutes. Unfair advantage!