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Watch Out For The New nWo On The Streets Of New York City

I don't know how recent this clip is, but it came across my timeline today and had me cracking up. We got the Brooklyn division of the nWo coming outta nowhere while Gorilla Nems (of "Don't Ever Disrespect Me" fame) is hanging out filming a video; the epitome of 'Dudes Rock' energy.

There are so many individually funny moments in this video, starting with New York X-Pac hitting a million "SUCK IT" motions in front of this little kid....

My favorite part is easily New York Razor coming down the aisle and hitting a better impression than Fake Razor did in 96….

Hulkster was pretty good, despite not having an 'nWo' spraypainted World Heavyweight Championship replica….

(Points off for that, gotta hit that bad boy with the 'nWo' if you're the one leading the New nWo down the streets of Brooklyn)

Then there's this guy - who is 'The Giant' of the group - just concerned about putting on his chapstick….

I could be wrong, but he comes off like someone who doesn't even wrestling and is just along for this ride with his boys here; an ultimate bro. He'd be the one to lawn dart me into a trailer if I ever ran into the new nWo on the streets of Manhattan….

Finally, I'd be remiss not to mention New York Booker T - who woulda been my #1 in the group if he fully committed to the Spinaroonie….

I get it, a Spinaroonie on the pavement probably wouldn't feel too great, but you gotta go all the way, and hit one for the people. After all, don't forget - when you're nWo….you're nWo 4 LIFE!

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P.S. Yes I know the 'n' in 'nWo' stands for 'new' - making the phrase 'New nWo' redundant. It just sounds better that way. Like ATM machine.