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Brad Underwood Does It Again - The University Of Illinois Wins Another Big Ten (Tournament) Championship

We're seeding teams right now so I'll be quick here. Point is Brad Underwood is a tier-1 regular season college basketball coach, no questions asked. There are obvious questions about March Madness but I think it takes time for everything to click. Without getting too deep, Underwood is still relatively raw as a head coach. People forget that he basically retired from coaching but that's a long story we'll save for his first Final 4.

Point is we're champs again. They should be seeded higher than whatever we're about to get. And quite honestly I think this is our best shot at a final 4 since the Dee Brown days. 

Update: 3 seed in Omaha against (14) Morehead State. Winner plays (6) Byu vs. (11) Duquesne. This is terrific news because Omaha is a magically place that's easy to get to. Home field advantage should be in play and I'm not scared of UCONN on the top of the region. This feels so good on paper.X

Also important: Terrence Shannong Jr. is quite literally unstoppable


He nearly broke the Big Ten Tournament scoring record and he would've done it playing one less game than everyone else on the list. Him and Domask are such a difficult guard combo and that's driving the confidence bus all over town. 

Congrats to the Illini. Someone send me a shirt idea and we'll get that bitch fired up pronto. 

Until then enjoy this throwback: 

Thank God for Brad Underwood. Literally. Thank you God.