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Conor McGregor Is The Highest Paid First-Time Actor Ever In 'ROAD HOUSE'

Happy St Paddy's Day ladies and gentlemen! I hope you're all out having a great time with your friends and family right now celebrating the Irish. Maybe you're taking a quick bathroom break and checking the blog right now, or pretending to text someone as to not seem like a loser to the hot girl across the bar; if so - you're in luck! I've got a great fun fact to bring back to your group.

Conor McGregor is the highest paid first-time actor in history (according to himself) for his role as Knox, the villain in the upcoming ROAD HOUSE movie starring Jake Gyllenhaal....

I know for a fact that McGregor has been offered dozens of roles prior to this, all of which he turned down to focus on his fighting career and/or other endeavors - so I definitely believe Amazon Prime Video dropped the bag to pull him into this production. I think they're gonna get their money's worth when ROAD HOUSE drops, too - because the early reviews are spectacular.

I'll be at the NYC premiere on Tuesday to glaze McGregor up on the red carpet and see the movie afterwards - and I can't wait. I'll be sure to write a full review on Wednesday, and I'll give a full report of the premiere on the Spinnin Backfist MMA Show as well.

Now get back to enjoying your St Paddy's Day you crazy kids! Hopefully the Proper way!

P.S. Apparently McGregor enters the movie naked in his opening scene - and this reporter had the audacity to ask Conor if that were in the script….

I'd certainly hope it was in the script! Hilarious answer from the Champ Champ. Can't wait to see those cheeks on the big screen.