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Bryan Battle And Ange Loosa Just Got Into It After Their Fight Ended Via Eye Poke

We just got a pretty unfortunate ending to the night's co-main event. Bryan Battle was dominating Ange Loosa in the first round (and into the first minute of the second round), picking him apart on the feet - but accidentally stuck his thumb into the eye of Loosa in the second, leading the fight to get called a no contest a few minutes later. 

After the no contest announcement was made, the fighters got into it when Battle called Loosa a "fucking pussy" who was just looking for a way out; and Loosa went right into "I KILL YOU! I FUCKING KILL YOU!" mode and had to be pulled back. 

It was a decent fight - but on a card with only one TKO the whole event (via leg kicks) - the post fight shenanigans were one of the most entertaining parts of the night.

Battle gave an electric post-fight speech too, asking Loosa where that energy was a few minutes ago when he told the doctors he couldn't see, effectively ending the fight himself….

Personally, I thought the eye poke was really bad, and believed Loosa/thought Battle was kinda being a dick initially - but he was so charismatic at the end that I think he just swayed me and flipped me to his side. 

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