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UFC Fighters Announced As Losers Keep Thinking They Won For Some Reason

Check out that above GIF/screenshot. Without any audio, it's kind of a crapshoot trying to guess who won that fight. Both girls are celebrating, but I'd argue Josiane Nunes (on the left, with the Brazilian flag) looks happier, if anything - which is a bit weird!

You wanna guess why that's so weird? Can you figure it out based on the referee's reaction/hand motions? 

Giphy Images.

I'll give you a hint: Nunes didn't win! 

Giphy Images.

Chelsea Chandler won, and was announced as the winner by Bruce Buffer in that very photo/GIF! And I'll tell ya what - "Josiane" sounded nothing like "Chelsea" to me! 

This is the THIRD TIME in 2024 that this has happened so far, though, making me suspect a possible epidemic as contagious as #Klemming….

Granted, the first time was kinda the ref's fault - when he raised Charles Jourdain's hand despite a crystal clear "Sean Woodson" announcement from Buffer….

….but still, Buffer was misheard. The second time, which came less than a month ago at UFC 298, featured Mackenzie Dern celebrating as The Buff announced Amanda Lemos as the winner - again, clear as day….

….and now we've got this from Josiane Nunes tonight.

So my question is: what's going on in the UFC?

Why are so many fighters mishearing Bruce Buffer's post-fight announcements?! Is it their ears? Is it the PA system? Has Bruce Buffer's voice changed, reaching new registers that hit the ear like a verbal white/gold vs blue/black dress?!

I mean - three in 56 days is wild, is it not? Especially considering I can't recall many instances of it before this. I'm not saying it's NEVER happened before UFC 297, but again - three in 56 days. Something's going on and I'm gonna get to the bottom of it.