NCAA Umpires Ejecting Guys For Bat Flipping Makes Absolutely No Sense

If there was any doubt at all that the NCAA is a massive group of wet blankets, this for sure solidifies it. This season they implemented a rule that will have a baseball player EJECTED if they bat flip. You read that correctly. If you show any sign of emotion and happen to toss your bat in the air following a big play you will be heading to the showers a bit early, and we saw that with Kyle Hannon of Penn State yesterday.

Murders a pitch, admires it for a little bit, then he gives the bat a little ride. I’ll be honest, it’s a good toss. Nice height on it, got a good grip and let it fly. Good, show some emotion, pump your guys up. You’re trying to win a game for gods sake, let the guys celebrate. Ump sees what he did and seeeeee ya. Tosses him. Insanely soft and just plain stupid. I know it’s a rule but it’s dumb as shit. It’s perfectly par for the course for the NCAA too. Imagine if an umpire would have thrown Jose Bautista out after his bat flip, people would flip. I can’t believe this is an actual rule, can’t wrap my head around it. 

Rules are put in place to make the game better, how does this improve the state of the game at all? 0 benefits from this except for the opposing team who just served up a meatball. Punishing guys for being excited and showing emotion and personality is a clown move. These clips where guys are pumped up and flipping bats brings views and eyeballs to the game. I don’t care about Penn State baseball, but now I at least know they exist and have a guy who loved to pimp bombs on their team. These viral clips help grow the game, help bring exposure and views to the team and players. So naturally it makes sense the NCAA would be against something that will help these programs grow and get some decent exposure online. Again, par for the course with NCAA but man is this dumb. Let the boys flip if they put one 400 into the mountains.