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We Finally Got Our Storm* | Storm Chasers Vlog Part 2

Our storm chasing started last week with losses at NC State and UCF. You can watch that vlog HERE. This vlog follows the end of our week. After Wednesday's loss at UCF, we didn't have another storming opportunity until Xavier on Saturday. So we made a pit stop in Nashville to host a Pink Whitney event at our Barstool Nashville Bar (highly recommend). And let me just say this, getting to watch Glenny Balls in Nashville is like getting to watch a king prance around his castle. He waves to peasants in the streets. He tosses crumbs of food to the crowds that form hoping to get a glimpse of their King. At one point, we passed a man with a yellow shirt on. Glenny said, "Yuck. That color is hideous on him" then snapped his fingers and the man fell through a trap door in the ground. It was amazing to witness. 


Then we headed to Cincinnati for the Xavier game where we were incredibly not welcomed. Xavier claimed they were too good to storm. There were cops surrounding us the entire night and we were told we would be spending two nights in a Cincinnati prison if we stormed. Xavier lost so we never got to that point, but it was incredibly funny that me, Glenny Balls, and Zah were viewed as security threats for the first time in our lives. (Cops watching Nicky Smokes made more sense). 

We ended the trip in Iowa for their game against Illinois. Personally, it was a huge achievement for me to get to Iowa because it was my 43rd state visited on a quest to hit all 50. Here's the magical moment when I touched down in Iowa City. 

Iowa was on spring break which hurt the energy of the city, but I was overall impressed with Iowa City. I have always looked down on the state since the only person I knew from there was a simpleton who sucks at golf, but it seemed like a fun place. 

Unfortunately, we didn't get the storm there either, so we were ready to call it quits since the regular season ended. But then I ended up going to Colgate on Wednesday night for their conference championship against Lehigh. Some are saying this wasn't a true "storm" but it was our last chance to get one and I did what I could to keep the streak alive. Rone told me to go "find a storm and lead the storm." And if this isn't leading a storm then I don't know what is. 

I was dangerously close to just being a streaker. 

You can watch the full recap of the week in the vlog above. Thanks to Pink Whitney for making it happen. I'm sorry to anyone who thinks we led the brand down this year, but we already have ideas on how to improve the chase for next season. So hopefully we can come back better than ever and bring more storms to college basketball courts across America.