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Dalton Knecht Tried To Throw Down a Hammer Dunk Down 17 With Less Than a Minute to Go and Got the Most Well-Deserved Rim Stuff Ever

Son of a bitch, man. You're down 17 with less than a minute to go. Just lay the ball in and get this ass whoopin' over with so you can hopefully figure out a way to stop sucking by next Thursday.

I am the world's biggest Dalton Knecht fan, but holy fuck, what an embarrassing way to cap a terrible loss. The dumbest part of trying to throw down from outside the lane at that point is nobody would have cared if he made it. The best case scenario in this situation was Knecht makes a wide open dunk to cut Mississippi State's lead to 15 with 40 seconds left.

And my biggest pet peeve is Brandon and I had been very low-key and cordial on the stream the entire second half because the game was never in doubt and then Knecht decided to embarrass everybody and produce this screenshot.

Just please figure it the fuck out, guys. I can't do this again. Please.