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SCHEFTY BOMB: Kenny Pickett Has Been Traded To The Eagles


Well now he's officially gone batshit. The good batshit. I think. The Steelers bail on their 1st round pick in just two short years and Howie got himself a new backup in South Philly. On the cheap, too. Don't hate it one bit. 

Sorry, Jerry. Ya got Ciara's husband but you lost a good one in Pickett. The man proved he could probably be starting somewhere in the league (bombs away in the comments but also remember Aiden O'Conner/Gardner Minshew are battling it out right now for a job). Pickett is already one of the finer backup QB's in the game. The only way this move royally backfires is if Jalen Hurts somehow has the mental capacity of a frightened hamster/Carson Wentz and interrupts this as an indictment on him. But if that happens, team is kinda toast anyways. Also, you know what makes it even better? Pickett is a salary cap-friendly beauty for a backup: 

Oh AND Josh Sweat is now staying in Philly. Howie is indeed a madman. 

Go Birds. 

IMPORTANT AND SCARY PS: Said this earlier today in the Devin White signing blog…now we got our Vince Young comparison. Weird and wild stuff, Howie. Weird and wild stuff. 

PS - I hate myself probably more than you hate me, but I have to point out the catastrophic correlations between this offseason and the one before 2011. Yup. The offseason the "Dream Team" was born and subsequently went to shit. I'm not saying undrafted DE Bryce Huff is anything like undrafted DE Jason Babin. Or CJGJ is anything like Nhamdi eating in his car alone or DRC being meh in the secondary. Or Saquan is Ronnie Brown (Even tho Barkely and Brown were both #2 picks, DeMarco Murray would be more of a similar comparison impact wise but that was Chip's reign not the Dream Team). Or Vic Fangio is Juan Castillo or old toxic ass Jim Washburn calling his DC/boss "Juanita". I don't know. It just seems like a lot of changes are being done in extremely grandiose ways. Just a thought…for now.