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Rick Pitino's Plan To Beat UConn? Have 6 Of Their Players Get COVID.....

St. John's and UConn goes down at MSG tonight. Rick Pitino against a dominant UConn team in the semifinals of the Big East Tournament. All feels right in the world.

I know I'm biased, but the old Big East feels like it's back tonight. After UConn and St. John's go to war, Providence takes on Marquette. It's starting to feel like spring in NYC. The price of tickets are through the roof. You could write a poem about it. 

On top of all of this, Pitino and Dan Hurley do not like each other. They've spent the entire season going at it in press conferences:

And St. John's fans have taken after their new coach in hating Dan Hurley. I was at the February game between UConn & St. John's at MSG and the St. John's fans HATE Hurley. They're not alone as every Big East fanbase HATES Dan Hurley, but there was a special amount of vitriol from the fans for NYC's official college. 

UConn fans take a huge amount of pride in packing out MSG, calling it "Storrs South." The fans aren't wrong for that, as they buy up so many tickets for the annual MSG game between the two schools, Rick Pitino wanted to move the game to St. John's JV gym. The Huskies will be out in full force tonight, including one of the most hatable players in CBB, Cam Spencer:

We must not forget who will be playing after UConn….Providence and Marquette. Both of these fanbases HATE Hurley as well…specifically Providence fans. That will only help the Johnnies. Could definitely see a few punches thrown tonight in the 200 levels before the game is all set and done.

It's going to be a war in MSG tonight. UConn may win by 25…but I'd be shocked. These are the moments they took away from us….and we brought them back. Bring back the Hypnotize intros: