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Dudes Rock: Our Beloved John Fanta Saved Jim Calhoun, Who Was Dominated By A Mic During His First Conversation With Rick Pitino In 20 Years

First things first. Hell yes. I would listen to Rick Pitino and Jim Calhoun talk about northeast basketball until the day I die. Just two lifers who have battled with each other for decades taking a moment to put the guns down and become friends. If they can do it, everyone can. Talking about respect, men of honor type shit. But the real hero? The one and only, our beloved Johnny Fanta

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You see, Jim Calhoun isn't what you'd call a polished media guy. He shouldn't be! Jim Calhoun is a basketball coach and we're looking at 2 of probably the 5 best coaches ever sitting by Fanta here. Jim Calhoun isn't going to know that he needs to hold a mic and talk into it. That's where Fanta comes in. 

That's how you save the day. Fanta is a polished media guy. He's a rising star. He's calling games, he's talking with the Hall of Famers, he's on PMT. He saw Jim Calhoun losing the battle with the mic and knew what the people wanted. We wanted to hear Calhoun in that accent that 75% of the country can't understand talk some ball with Pitino. There's nothing better than listening to guys talk hoop. The only thing missing here was the two of them just listing random names from the 80s and 90s. 

I want to say it's crazy that Pitino and Calhoun haven't talked in 20 years outside of a hello during a handshake before a game, but these two for sure have some sort of hatred towards each other. They even address it. There's a bit of jealousy and competitive spirit. But to go 20 years is still kinda insane, especially when Calhoun has been retired for over a decade. 

We need more of this though. Give me the offseason where Calhoun and Pitino just talk about old school basketball memories. I want to hear about the 15 fights a game. I want them to spend an hour doing nothing but saying names and laughing. And let Fanta help Calhoun out with the mic. A hero for college basketball fans everywhere.