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The Vikings Made A Trade That May Be The First Step In Trading Up For JJ McCarthy

We had ourselves a big time trade in the NFL this morning, as the Vikings now have TWO 1st-round picks in the 2024 draft. We all know what that means.....more on that in a second.

From a trade grading perspective, I went over to Jefe's Handiwork draft value calculator and this is what it spit out:

For those of you who aren't NFL draft nerds, an NFL draft calculator looks at the "value" of each pick. Yes, I know, it's very nerdy, but it is a decent look into what each team "received" outside of just a draft pick number. We all know a top 10 pick is valuable, but just how valuable is the 40th pick? That's what these calculators attempt to find out. They may not be as good as the calculators that NFL analytical departments have, but looking & comparing the results of 6 of them (labeled at the top) will give us a good idea. 

The entire concept of draft value came from Jimmy Johnson in the 90's. Here is an article on it if that piques your interest. 

Anyway, enough nerding out on NFL draft pick values, let's get into why the Vikings did what they did……HIT THE MUSIC:

The Vikings now have the draft picks to draft their QB of the future. JJ MCCARTHY!!!!!!!!

Now before you call me crazy, let's not forget we just learned that the Vikings are "obsessed" with finding their next franchise QB:

It is time Minnesota…..DO THE RIGHT THING. I have my jersey already ordered. I have a list of people that will not be invited to the parade. He is a cold weather QB. Perfect for the NFC north. Imagine how fast he is going to look on that turf of yours? SPEED DEMON.