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Tutoring Dana, Because He Is Stupid

Dana Beers is one of my favorite people on earth. We've been talking for a while about having me work with him because he is stupid. Of course, the day we sat down to film ourselves doing this, Ohio's Tate and Mintzy announced their new Billy Madison show which—let's be honest—is a better idea. Oh well, plenty of pie for everyone. No reason we can't have two shows based around former teachers/tutors working with their respective idiots. 

Maybe this is all headed towards us having a dumb-off. Dana vs. Mintz, taking a standardized test for all the marbles? Get Scholastic to sponsor it, or maybe Crayola? We haven't ventured too far into the children's education world. I hear it's a goddamn goldmine of advertising spending. 

In today's session, we worked on word problems and proportions. Enjoy! 


PS- I've tried a ton of different new shows here. Some have stuck, others I've abandoned. I have no idea if this will go anywhere so we're just quietly throwing it up on Dana's channels for now. We liked making this and if you guys like it, we'll keep going. Let's just keep it simple.