Jaelen House (Eddie House's Son) Somehow Sounds Exactly Like Patrick Mahomes/Mintzy, Officially Makes New Mexico Title Contenders

I've watched far too much Mountain West basketball for a man who lives in Cincinnati, Ohio and has zero ties to these schools. I don't even pretend to be a fan of one of these teams because I know a coach. The league is just awesome this year, legit 6 teams can make the NCAA Tournament and every game ends up being awesome. I say that because I don't think I ever heard Jaelen House talk to this moment. I'm stunned. I'm in shock. I'm ready to declare New Mexico a title contender and not just because I have them +600 to win the MWC Tournament. #DKPartner

This just somehow overshadowed the fact that he's Eddie House's son. Eddie House is one of the all-time name random players guys. We all know Eddie House. I don't think anyone hates Eddie House. I mean he sounds exactly like a mix of Kermit the Frog and Patrick Mahomes. Close your eyes and you picture 15 talking about making a pass. Not to mention Jaelen House is fucking awesome. He transferred from Arizona State a couple years ago and is one of the best players in the MWC. 


He went out and dropped 29 last night and now all people can talk about is his voice. Numbers on Twitter never lie and this is one of the most liked tweets we had yesterday. But this is one of the better postgame interviews I can remember. Sure, everyone is stunned by his voice but he also calls out the guy in the hat who got him going. The reaction he has after Evan Washburn tells him New Mexico seemingly locked up a NCAA Tournament bid is perfect. Love him just openly saying 'shit, we wanted to keep our foot on their necks'.  

I know, I know. The MWC typically sucks in the NCAA Tournament. But I love this New Mexico team. They are one of the fastest teams in the country. They have 4 guys who average between 12-16 points per game. They have a Pitino on the sidelines! Yeah it's not the first Pitino but it's still a Richard Pitino. They have Eddie House's kid and Jamal Mashburn's kid. I know nepotism is supposed to be bad, but I'm all in on the 90s/early 2000s team here in New Mexico.  

All I know is if you sound like the number 1 Brick Watch salesman in the south then you're immediately a title contender. What an interview.