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You Have To Appreciate How Locked In Seamhead Livvy Dunne Gets For Her Boyfriend Paul Skenes' Spring Training Starts

Oh you thought spring training didn't matter? Don't think this means something to the kids? Just going through the motions and have a good time? Well, check out Livvy Dunne putting in the wo(man) hours during her spring break at LSU to watch Paul Skenes carve up Jackson Holiday and the Orioles. That's dedication, folks. The LSU gymnast is not scrolling Twitter, IG, Tiktok afterwards for the highlights. No, she's in there live with her MLB.TV subscription. 

Now, the video is great and it's awesome to see her support, but I need to see what she thought about those first two pitches. 101 on the inner half, very much a strike. Are you kidding me, blue? Second one 102 a smidge higher, but I've seen that called. What are we doing blue? You think this a game? Don't answer that. 

Is Livvy Dunne a seam head like us, giving it back to the umpires, or is she just hoping everyone has fun? Where does she stand on robo umps? Does the challenge system suit her better? Also, where's the second screen on Skenes' baseball savant page with real-time readings? Deep breaths, we'll get there. The effort is there and I appreciate that. 

Now I'll say this. For centuries baseball has gotten absolutely shit on for the way they market their players and the sport, or lack there of. After studying their tactics you'd almost be led to believe that they want to hide it from everyone else. Well, I'll be damned, maybe after witnessing the most recent NFL season with Taylor Swift they finally got the hint. 

This is the way. The rule changes implemented to speed up games were brilliant, but spearheading our nation's audience by showing Dunne's support? That's how you really grow the game. Just wait til Skenes is in the big leagues and you've got Livvy in the suite going bananas for every 102 mph strikeout. Now we're cooking with gas. 

He has it alright, I suppose.