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YES CHEF! 'The Bear' Has Been Renewed For Season 4

YES CHEF!!! 'The Bear' just got renewed for Season 4 - or at least, we just found out 'The Bear' got renewed for Season 4! 

Along with the news that Season 4 was greenlit, it's being reported that they are filming Seasons 3 and 4 back-to-back, which makes me think the cast/crew had to have known Season 4 was happening for a while scheduling-wise. Jeremy Allen White and Ayo Edebiri have become two of the most sought after stars in Hollywood as of late, and hell - Cousin Richie is about to join the Marvel Cinematic Universe himself, where he'll play The Thing in the upcoming 'Fantastic Four' movie! They had to know!

Never forget LeBron's explanation of this 'Fantastic Four' bar. He really thought he had to spell it out for us. So LeBron.

Some other tidbits we found out this week are that Ayo Edebiri will make her directorial debut in Season 3 (on top of landing a voice role in 'Inside Out 2') - in an episode hopefully as chaotic as her TikToks….

….and we also learned that Season 5 is even being considered already! Before Season 3 even airs an episode!

I guess that shouldn't surprise me, considering the level of success the show has had, but it's hard for me to even wrap my head around right now.

Part of me worries that they'll struggle to maintain the quality of Season 1/2 the longer the show goes on, but the folks in charge of making it have really given me no reason to think that yet. They're pitching a perfect game right now as far as I'm concerned. Episodes like 'Fishes' and 'Forks' were brought up a lot last season, but even 'Honeydew' (Marcus creating all the new desserts) or 'Omelette' (the soft-re-opening) or the self-titled finale (when the restaurant actually re-opens) were fantastic and worthy of praise reserved for only the best shows on television.

If you haven't started 'The Bear' yet - I couldn't recommend it enough. It's a phenomenally written/shot/acted/crafted series that has a little bit of everything; comedy, drama, emotion, mayhem, etc.

Don't just take my word for it, either. Read what my coworkers have said about the show….