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A 14-Team College Football Playoff Is Expected To Be Ratified by Conferences on Friday, Begin in 2026

What are we doing, man? A four-team College Football Playoff lasted 10 seasons, most of which would have been just fine using the BCS system. But that's fine, people wanted more. So now it's set to expand all the way out to 12 teams, bypassing far more reasonable options of six, eight or even 10. And you'll see that version for two whole seasons before it expands again to 14 teams, a move being made before we've ever seen what the 12-team CFP will look like.

I find it quite hilarious that coaches making eight figures a year are sitting in Congressional hearings saying that college football is dying because players are chasing money when schools are killing conferences that have existed for a century and the CFP will be at 32 teams by 2030. But, you know, it's the players operating in a free market that are destroying the sport.

I've said this ad nauseam, but I just hope everyone is happy. People bitched for years that four teams weren't enough and now we're just going to keep expanding the Playoff until every 7-5 team in the country has a chance to win the national title so ESPN and conference executives can line their pockets and people who don't actually care about the sport can have MORE FOOTBALL!!! WOOO!!!

The bleakest part of the whole thing is that there is no hope of ever going back. Fourteen teams is the smallest the College Football Playoff field will be for the rest of its existence — and there's no telling to what number the field will eventually grow.

I do have some good news, though, which is that 6-4 South Carolina vs 7-3 Oklahoma is now a huge game while 11-0 Ohio State vs 10-1 Michigan means virtually nothing. More games matter, though! Woohoo!